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I'm Geoffrey Cullen and I'd like to introduce myself and my photographic web-site to you. I've named the site, "Cullen Images".

The photograph of me was taken on the bank of the Merced River while visiting the Yosemite National Park in California.

Some answers to questions that I am often asked are below. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if I can be of service to you.

Geoffrey Cullen

Where did I get that accent?

I'm from Australia originally and my "Aussie" accent still lingers on. I have lived in Colorado in the United States since 1989 and Denver is my home town. (Funnily enough, when I visit family and friends in Australia, they tell me I sound a bit like a Texan.)

What is my "style" of photography?

I believe that photography is a wonderful gateway that lets us appreciate and enjoy our own special interests, places and memories. It is a means to capture the present but also allows our experiences and memories of past events to be refreshed well into the future. Since I am drawn to expressions of light and shadows, colour, contrast and detail, I strive to reflect those qualities in my photography and print making. 

Where did I learn photography?

I have no "formal" photography training nevertheless, I give it my best shot. Over the years, I have benefited from some marvelous learning resources including Kelby Training and the Lynda.com on-line training libraries. As you know, they provide a wide range of technical skill development programs and their instructors are all wonderfully practical educators. I don't think you ever stop learning about photography. As for me, I continue to learn and refine my techniques with the goal of developing the quality of my work. 

What did I do before photography?

As far back as I can remember I've had an interest in photography but, until I retired from the formal workforce, I had no time to indulge myself. I was a natural resource economist by profession. I worked in the Australian sugar industry before moving into business analysis roles in the mining industries of Australia and the USA.

What camera gear have I used?

My first camera was a family "hand-me-down", Kodak Box Brownie. After that, a few other film cameras came and went. My old favourite was a Pentax 35mm that lasted for many years until one day, it's neck-strap broke and the camera plonked into the Pacific Ocean. These days, I've gone completely "digital". Because I don't care to lug a lot of gear around, I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to equipment. My current cameras are a Nikon 300s and a Sony NEX-6. When I'm off skiing, hiking or travelling, I usually take the Sony. I'm also a huge fan of my Apple iPhone. For those everyday, unplanned opportunity or "memory" shots, the iPhone camera does an impressive job. Needless to say, one big advantage is that my iPhone is usually with me.

What photo-editing software do I like using?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is my main tool for managing my files and doing preliminary RAW file editing work. Although Lightroom is able to get a lot done, Adobe Photoshop is also an essential tool for me. When augmented with Nik and OnOne plugins, photo-editing using Lightroom and Photoshop is really a lot of fun.

Am I on social media?

I have a 500px account where I post photographs regularly... if you want to take a peek at them over there, just click on this link. I have only just opened an Instagram account so there is not much in there yet... it is at this link. I may well start using Facebook one of these days so, we'll see what happens with social media in the future.

Why did I create this web site?

The images shown on this site convey my interests in our natural environment and its endless variety of fascinating animals, trees, flowers and magnificent scenery. As well, over the years, I've been lucky to have visited many amazing places around the world where I have captured many interesting images.

By way of this web site, I would like to showcase these images and also, have an opportunity to provide a way for others to enjoy them by offering prints and wall art for sale.

This site has been designed to offer a convenient way to bring inspiration from the great outdoors into our homes and offices. As such, I hope that this site proves to be a useful resource for home owners, interior decorators, office managers and designers interested in bringing the outdoors, inside.

Do I offer any other services or products?

Yes, indeed... they are:

1) Premium presentation products...

This site makes available direct purchases of many popular print and wall art products. As well, a range of more specialized premium products is also available. These premium products include ready-to-hang wall art such as original photographic prints mounted under acrylic glass on an aluminum dibond backing, floater frames and solid wood or aluminum art boxes. If you are interested in premium products, please contact me with your requirements and I'd be happy to prepare a cost estimate for you to consider.

2) Personally printed and signed prints...

These prints are produced entirely "in house" by myself and are offered in a range of sizes up to 18x12 inches. I print on archival quality paper and inks; (currently, Epson's Signature Worthy Exhibition Fiber, Soft Gloss paper with Epson Ultra Chrome K3 pigment inks.) This offering provides an excellent, long lasting rendition of colors and details and is well suited to my style of photography. Each signed print comes with a signed Certificate Of Authenticity that verifies and describes details about the image.

3)  Digital Restoration Of Damaged Photographs...

Special old photographs deserve to be restored and brought back to life. If you have a valuable but damaged photograph, I am able to restore it for you using a variety of digital restoration techniques. Please be aware that digital restoration can be a detailed, pains taking and time consuming process depending on the extent and kind of damage. Some restorations can be completed in as little as an hour whereas others can take several hours to complete. I currently charge USD $65 per hour for this restoration work.

Please contact me directly so that we can make arrangements for me to see your photograph. Then, I will be able to provide you with a cost estimate for your restoration.

Are there restrictions on using Cullen Images' photographs?

Yes, there is some legal "fine print" that you should be aware of:

1) About Personal Usage Of Images:

Yes. Personal usage of images, such as linking to social media networking sites, (e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), is allowed... although, proper attribution of my images on those sites would be much appreciated. If you like images that you see on this site, please let your friends on your social media sites know about Cullen Images... thank you, thank you!

2) About Commercial Usage Of Images:

No. Commercial use of Cullen Images' photographs is not allowed without prior authorization. All images on this site are registered at the US Copyright Office and all rights are reserved. This means of course, that no unauthorized commercial or promotional usage is permitted. For example, images may not be copied, modified, distributed or used without express prior permission. 

Please contact me if you are interested in downloading or licensing any of my work for commercial use.

3) About Terms Of Site Usage:

Cullen Images works closely with SmugMug and BayPhotos to bring high quality prints and wall art to you. By using this Cullen Images site, you are agreeing be bound by the SmugMug and BayPhotos terms of service as well.

What Guarantees Are Offered?

It is important to us that you are delighted with your order. SmugMug has a 100% print guarantee so, if you are unhappy with your prints, SmugMug will reprint or refund your order, whichever you prefer. Check out this link to see information about SmugMug’s Make It Right Guarantee.

Do I protect your private information?

Yes, of course! We very much respect your online privacy. Cullen Images will never sell, rent, or give your email address or any other private information to anyone.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and please don't hesitate to get in touch if I can be of service to you. I hope you have found your visit here enjoyable.

With best wishes, Geoff.

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