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Images from our natural environment invoke feelings of awe, majesty, calm, wonder and well-being. This inspiring photography from Cullen Images gives you a convenient way to bring these sensations into your home or office spaces.

This page gives details about our print products and tips on how to use the on-line shop.


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What is the on-line shopping process?

Cullen Images, uses SmugMug’s secure e-commerce ordering system combined with their alliance with the professional printing and framing laboratory, BayPhoto. 

Here’s how to order:

STEP 1: First, you choose an image that you like from the Galleries.

STEP 2: Look for and click on a BUY button, and SmugMug’s easy to use and secure e-commerce system will guide you, step by step, through the ordering process. 

STEP 3: When your order is complete, Bay Photo will prepare your print and wall art orders then ship them directly to you.

How about some help?

If ever you feel that you need some help, SmugMug offers comprehensive on-line support. As well, the SmugMug “Support Heroes” staff are happy to personally answer any specific questions that you may have. 

Click on this link to visit SmugMug's GUIDE FOR BUYING PRINTS.

Also, here is a video showing how the process works…  HOW TO BUY

What print and wall art products are offered on-line?

1) Paper Print Products:

All images are printed by BayPhoto on professional grade, archival quality papers. You can save money by buying prints and framing them yourself. Or, if you prefer, you can choose just the right frame and matting from a range of popular options during the check out process, (see below).

Click on this link for a Guide To Buying Prints.

Paper Finishes: We offer paper prints in both a luster finish and a metallic finish. Luster finishes have a slight gloss with a subtle texture and allow for sharp detail, deep color saturation and high contrast. Metallic paper prints offer a glossy finish and unique metallic appearance that adds extra visual interest and depth.

Sizes: Prints are available in a range of popular standard sizes, (from 8 x 12 to 24 x 36 inches). These fit easily into readily available standard sized frames. The aspect ratio of the images on this site is 2:3. (Aspect Ratio of 2:3  means, for example, a 16 x 24 inch print has a short edge of two units, (16/8=2), and a long edge of three units, (24/8=3). Similarly, a 24 x 36 inch print has a 2:3 aspect ratio.)

Prints On Archival Quality Paper

Prints On Archival Quality Paper

A collection of archival quality paper prints, (12 x 18 inches), ready for mounting and framing.

Adding The Extras to Paper Prints:

You can save by ordering only paper prints and then doing your own framing and matting work. However, you could save considerable time and trouble by having these tasks done for you by BayPhoto's professionals as part of your print order. A popular selection of frames, matting and custom finishes is available and conveniently, these can be added to your print order during the check out process. 

To add a frame, matting or a custom finish to your paper print order, first add your selection into the shopping cart by clicking the BUY button. Then, click VIEW CART and next, the +PHOTO ADD-ONS button.

Find out more about adding framing and matting options here: Frames and Matting.

Add Frames And Finishes To Paper Prints

Add Frames And Finishes To Paper Prints

To add a frame, matting or custom finish to a paper print, first add your selection to the shopping cart. Next, click View Cart then the +PHOTO ADD-ONS button.

2) Wall Art Products:

Buying our ready-to-hang wall art products also saves you the time, trouble and inconvenience of doing your own mounting and framing. Your wall art orders arrive printed and mounted so, as soon as you receive them, they are ready to hang on your wall. We offer a variety of popular products and you can choose from a selection of:

          Traditional Canvas Wraps

          Stretched Canvas

          Flat Mounted Canvas

          Thin Wraps


          Acrylic Metal

On-line Products

On-line Products

Cullen Images sells Paper Prints, Wall Art and iPhone Cases

3) iPhone Cases:

Our images can be printed on attractive iPhone protective cases. These make ideal gifts and are offered to fit the iPhone 8, 8Plus and X models. (Unfortunately, Android phone cases are not offered for sale at this time.)

4) Other (Off-line) Products:

There are many other print and wall art options available in the marketplace so, if you are not seeing the products, sizes or finishes that you prefer in our on-line store, please do get in touch by email and we can talk about the possibilities and pricing. (To send me an email, click on the "Contact" link in the main menu found at the top of each page.)   

Adding Interest To A Brick Wall

Adding Interest To A Brick Wall

An original print, mounted on dibond aluminium under acrylic glass, (45 x 30 inches) , gives added interest to an otherwise bland brick wall in a sheltered outside patio area.

Finishing Touches On A Structural Support

Finishing Touches On A Structural Support

These two prints, mounted on aliminium dibond under acrylic glass, (10 x 15 inch), add the finishing touches to a structural support column in a recreation room.

How To Pay:

The safe and secure SmugMug ordering system accepts all major credit cards or, if you prefer, you can use PayPal to complete your order.

What About Sales Taxes?

If you live in the State of Colorado in the USA, we are obliged to collect and submit Colorado Sales and Use Taxes. SmugMug will automatically add these taxes, (currently 7.65%), during the check out process and forward them to the State of Colorado, (effective from 1st June, 2018). As well, sales made into USA states where SmugMug has a physical presence, will also have sales taxes added by SmugMug. If you live anywhere else, no sales or use taxes will be collected.

What Guarantees Are Offered?

It is important to us that you are delighted with your order. SmugMug has a 100% print guarantee so, if you are unhappy with your prints, SmugMug will reprint or refund your order, whichever you prefer. Check out this link to see information about SmugMug’s Make It Right Guarantee.

Are on-line print products signed?

No, all the prints offered on this site are unsigned. If you would like a signed print along with a certificate of authenticity, please get in touch by email. Signed prints are are produced entirely "in house" by myself and are offered in a range of sizes up to 12 x 18 inches. My prints are made with archival quality papers and inks. (For example, Epson Signature Worthy Exhibition Fiber, Soft Gloss, using Epson Ultra Chrome K3 pigment inks. This offering provides an excellent, long lasting rendition of colors and details and is well suited to my style of photography.)

To send me an email, click on the "Contact" link in the main menu found at the top of each page. 

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